Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I want more images and video of the cars available in stock?
A. All images and videos for the vehicle you want to buy from our stock list are available. Please send us an inquiry for vehicle you need to have more images.
Q. What is the final CIF price to my country? What are the charges included in it?
A. You can use our Total CIF calculator to calculate the approximate CIF price to your destination port and country. The exact freight and insurance charges will be mentioned in the proforma invoice as per the latest available rates. CIF Price includes the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and freight to your destination port.
Q. What are Discounted Vehicles?
A. The vehicles available on discount over the original price are discounted or Best Offer vehicles. Do not miss the chance to grab the vehciles available at much lower prices compred to the original price.
Q. What does Clearance Sale means? How is it different from the Discounted stock?
A. Vehicles available for sale at low price during clearance of the stock. Stock Clearance is carried out when new stock is to be sourced and old stock is to be sold out. You can get a good condition vehicle at very low cost during the clearance sale. Heavy discounts are available in case of the Clearance Sale.
Q. How to make payment for the vehicle we want to buy?
A. Payment for the vehicle you want to buy can be done by both LC (Letter of Credit) and TT (Telegraphic Transfer) in our Japan Bank account only. We do not accept Credit cards.
Q. Does the deal have any warranties?
A. No, there are no warranties on used vehicle.
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