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Honda To Begin Sales Of All New Civic Series In Japan

[2nd Sep, 2019]

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the all-new Civic series on Friday, September 29, 2017, including three model types, Civic Hatchback, Civic Sedan and Civic Type R. The all-new Civic series was developed to fulfill Honda’s desire to provide its customers with the top-class "joy of driving" among all C-segment models in the world. With a newly-developed platform at its core, the all-new Civic features an advanced, low and wide form, created to achieve functional beauty, as well as a direct-injected VTEC Turbo engine which realizes both powerful and smooth acceleration and excellent environmental performance at the same time.

All-new Civic Series:

The all-new Civic Type R achieves a significant improvement in sports performance as it was developed not as a tuned-up version of the base model but by envisioning and pursuing the ideals of Civic Type R from scratch starting from an early stage of development. Moreover, user-friendliness in the city, spaciousness and occupant comfort are also further improved for Type R. In addition to featuring excellence in spaciousness and ease-of-use, the Hatchback and Sedan realize sportier dynamic performance, benefitting from the quality of driving achieved by Type R.

Key features of the all-new Civic Hatchback/Civic Sedan

1. Design: Low and wide design created in the pursuit of functional beauty and enhanced dynamic driving:- The all-new Civic Sedan features an advanced-looking and high-quality form with a coupe-like flowing roofline and rigid-looking and sculpted side panels. While sharing the basic framework with the Sedan, the all-new Civic Hatchback highlights enhanced sportiness by featuring a dynamic and sporty design as viewed from behind.

2. Featuring Honda Sensing as standard equipment​:- The all-new Civic series features the Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies as standard equipment. Honda Sensing combines the use of millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera at the front of the vehicle to help improve the driver's situational awareness, assist in maintaining a desired path or interval from the car ahead and, in certain circumstances, intervene to help avoid a collision or mitigate its severity.

Key features of the all-new Civic Type R:

1Adoption of rev-matching system:- For the first time for a Honda vehicle, the all-new Civic Type R adopts a rev-matching system that automatically adjusts engine speed in accordance with downshifts, which eliminates the need to operate the accelerator during deceleration and enables the driver to focus more on steering and braking. The rev-matching system can be turned off depending on the preference of the driver.

2. Three driving modes the driver can select based on the driving situation and feeling:- In addition to circuit driving performance, ground touring performance on regular roads was significantly advanced. As for driving modes, in addition to “SPORT” mode which achieves the best balance and the “+R” mode which pursues dynamic performance, a “COMFORT” mode which provides comfort in daily use, was added to express a new value of Civic Type R. Based on the driver’s input for each mode, the settings for control devices, such as damper, steering and throttle, change instantaneously and the vehicle demonstrates high performance suitable for each respective driving situation ranging from a racing circuit to city driving.

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