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Toyota Prius PHV

[26th Aug, 2019]

Toyota Motor Corporation announces the launch of the redesigned Prius PHV in Japan, and sales will begin at all Toyota, Toyopet, Toyota Corolla and Netz dealers nationwide on February 15. Toyota has been working on enhancing its product lineup significantly and is positioning plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) as the pillar of next-generation environmental vehicles after hybrid vehicles (HVs).

Latest Equipment:

The Toyota-first 11.6-inch T-Connect SD navigation system and DCM, which are standard (except in the S grade), improves visibility and operability. Additionally, the diverse T-Connect DCM Package connected vehicle service, which assures customers a safe, secure, and convenient experience with their vehicles is provided free of charge for the first three years following vehicle registration.

Environmental and Driving Performance:

The use of a large-capacity, lithium-ion battery, combined with efficiency improvements in the plug-in hybrid system, has increased the EV mode range to 68.2 km and the maximum EV mode speed to 135 km/h7, thus greatly expanding the electric-only range. To achieve powerful acceleration performance, the Prius PHV also features a dual-motor drive system, using both the electric motor and the generator as the driving force.

Safety Performance:

Toyota Safety Sense P, a collision avoidance assist package, is offered as standard in all grades. The Prius PHV has achieved ASV++, the highest rating in the JNCAP15 Preventive Safety Performance Assessment.

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